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PDZPepInt 2334483

Input and runtime details for job 2334483 (precomputed example)

Input Parameters

? Protein/Peptide FASTA[.fa]
? Protein UniProt IDs[.fa]
? PDZ Domains
DLG1-1_Drome, DLG1-2_Drome, DLG4-1_Human, GIPC1_Mouse, INADL-2_Mouse, NHRF1-1_Human, SNTB1_Human, SNTG2_Human
? Custom PDZ Domain[.fa]


? Intrinsically unstructured/disordered regionyes
? Cellular localization (needs UniProt IDs)yes

Job ID 2334483 (server version 4.2.2)

?Job Submitted & Queued@ Fri Jul 22 10:50:03 CEST 2016
?PDZPepInt Started@ Fri Jul 22 10:50:13 CEST 2016
?PDZPepInt Finished & Post-Processing@ Fri Jul 22 10:50:25 CEST 2016
?Job Completed@ Fri Jul 22 10:50:27 CEST 2016
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Description of the job

This is an example for the PDZ-peptide interaction prediction. PDZ domains from different organisms bind with their respective peptides.

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Sequence ID Position Sequence Domain
sp|Q14524|SCN5A_HUMAN 2012-2016 RESIV DLG4-1_Human, SNTB1_Human, SNTG2_Human, New-domain
P08510 651-655 IETDV DLG1-1_Drome, DLG1-2_Drome, New-domain
sp|P07550|ADRB2_HUMAN 409-413 NDSLL NHRF1-1_Human
sp|Q64151|SEM4C_MOUSE 2380-2384 IESDV GIPC1_Mouse, INADL-2_Mouse, New-domain
sp|P34082|FAS2_DROME 869-873 KNSAV DLG1-1_Drome, DLG1-2_Drome, New-domain

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