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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not listed, please send it to us!


? How long are computed results available and stored?

All jobs computed on the Freiburg Tools webserver are stored for 30 days. Afterwards they are automatically removed. In order to preserve your job results you might want to use the job zip-file that is offered for each job on the according result page. This file contains all input information, call details and output files generated.

? What publications to cite when using the server?

Each tool offered by this web server comes with a specific list of publications. Please cite them when using the web server.

? Why do I get a warning saying that my browser has incompatibility issues with the web server?

The Freiburg Tools web server is known to have serious compatibility issues with Internet Explorer. If you are using this browser to access it, we highly recommend switching to Mozilla Firefox so that you don't experience lack of functionality.
The web server was also tested under Google Chrome, Opera, Safari and Konqueror and they are all known to work fine.

If you are not using Internet Explorer and you still get the warning message, then browser mimicry could be the reason. Please let us know and we will correct the problem as soon as possible.

? Who to contact if I have further trouble or encounter problems not listed here?

Please contact us as soon as you encounter any problems or difficulties. If you have problems with a specific tool please send as much detail as possible. In case your problems are related to a certain jobs, please provide the job ID etc. Thanks for your help and feedback!

? I have created a cool new RNA Bioinformatics tool, is it possible to integrate it into the web server?

The Freiburg Tools web server is a very flexible and generic platform to integrate new tools. So please contact us and we will happily discuss the possibilities of an integration of YOUR TOOL into our web server.

General questions


? Is it possible to train a SH2 prediction model with my own data?

In case you want to use your own data to make a dedicated SH2-prediction model, please contact us.